Frequently asked questions

Does a Light Roast or Dark Roast have more caffeine?

It is a common misconception that because of the bold flavor of the dark roast, it also has more caffine. It is actually the Light Roast that is the most caffinated. This becomes more apparent when you think of the roasting process. In order to get a darker bean you must roast the beans for a longer period of time. Caffine actually roasts out of the bean. This means that the longer the beans are roasted for, longest being a dark roast, the more caffine you will roast out of the beans themselves.

Where is the Shop Located

The Coffee Cottage is located at 757 gold hills place S. Woodland Park, CO. In the City Market plaza. Our shop sits between the AJ's Pizzeria and Fusions Japan restaurants. Look for the big COFFEE sign!

Do you offer anything other than coffee's?

Yes we do! Although Coffee and Espresso beverages are he bullk of our menu, we also offer other drinks such as smoothies, hot chocolates, and steamers, as well as a variety of pastry options includeing both Gluten free and Vegan options.

Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegan Options?

We do offer both Gluten free and vegan options for our pastries and food options. Our syrups we use in our drinks are also Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free.

Where is your Coffee from?

Our coffee is locally sourced from Boulder, CO. All of the beans from our roasts come from either Central or South America, but the plantations change based off the time of year and availability.

Do you offer any milk alternatives?

Yes we do! Aside from our normal dairy milk, we also offer Almond milk as well as Oat milk as non dairy substitutes.

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