Organic Coffee


Dark Roast

An Organic Italian Roast, our Dark roast rotates between Central and South American Coffee's depending on the time of year and growing conditions.

This brew is robust and bold, perfect for those who enjoy a smooth, full bodied coffee

Medium Roast

Our Organic Medium Roast consists of a blend of beans, the majority of which come from a woman owned cooperative in Honduras. Additional beans are sourced from Peru and Guatemala.

A combination of smooth body with hints of flavor make this an ideal roast for all coffee lovers.

Light Roast

An Organic blend consisting of a washed Ethiopian bean along with a variation of Central and South American beans and blends.

Light bodied and flavorful, this roast is not only the most caffeinated but also the most flavorful of the blends.

Decaf Roast

The Decaf roast is an Organic French Roast Bean. This roast is sourced from plantations in either Peru or Guatemala, depending on time of year and weather patterns.

A dark roast bean, the decaf French is, like our caffeinated Dark Roast, a robust and full bodied coffee with the addition of being much lower in caffeine content.

Cafe Au Lait

A creamy coffee drink, this is made with one half your choice

drip coffee and one half your choice of steamed milk. 

Organic Espresso



Made with organic espresso and all natural milk, our latte is a smooth and delicious treat. This drink goes great with the addition of one (or more) of our Organic Flavor Options


Similar to the latte, we use our organic espresso and all natural milk, however this drink has more foam than a latte, creating a lighter and frothier drink. This beverage also goes well with a variety of our Organic flavors.


Rich chocolate, milk and espresso make this drink a treat for any coffee lover. We offer variations of mochas including: Milk, Dark, or White chocolate options. We also offer a Zebra Mocha (white and dark Chocolates together) which has become a customer favorite.

Caramel Macchiatto

The Caramel Macchiatto is a style of latte made with Vanilla and Caramel syrups. This drink is slightly different however as it has the espresso shots added to the top of the drink rather than at the bottom "marking" the milk with espresso. 


A Breve is similar to a latte however it is made with half and half instead of milk. This makes the Breve a thicker and creamier option to the Latte.


A simple drink consisting of Espresso and hot water

Flat White

A specialty drink, Flat White's are made by condensing the espresso shot to produce a richer, more flavorful shot while minimally stretching the milk to produce a glossy sheen. They are a single or double shot and only come in 10oz

Traditional Macchiatto

Consisting of a single or double shot of espresso topped with a dollop of creamy foam, this is a drink that will definitely put pep in your step. 

Espresso Con Panna

Espresso topped with a dollop of delicious whipped cream


Single or double shot of espresso with equal parts your choice of steamed milk. A combination that makes for a strong & creamy coffee drink.

Organic Flavors





Irish Cream

Butter Bier








Pumpkin Spice